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My first experience about the outdoor is this wilderness camp organizes by Halim Mazlin Group cooperate with Ministry of Education Malaysia. 5 day and 4 night in this camp give me a world of outdoor activity.

Location : Pulau Tuba (Pulau Langkawi)
Activities : Camping, Night Conversion,Compas Marching, beg packing,
Trekking, kayaking,cooking, survival, Jetty jumping, High Ropes.

Participant : Kak Mila a.k.a camp commander (wilderness trainer),Abg Janggut
(wilderness trainer), Mine (iejat),Abg Fizi, Abg Zul, Alok, Kak Ana,
Bob, Che Nat,Kak Ema,Fahmi, Kak Idah, Ifah, Kak Wawa,
Kak Za’ba, Mus, Shahir, Siak, Sue

our team name

5 August 2007
On the morning shine morning, 5 August 2007.I and my friends as the student of Intitutsi Perguruan Perlis gathered at Tuah café. There are so many participants from other institutions like us to join the Wilderness camp at Tuba Island besides the Langkawi Island for 5 day. I was as happy as lark because I was lucky selected student of my college to join this camp. After 5 minute the bus arrived and take all participants went to Kuala Perlis jetty. At jetty we should waiting about 30 minute the special boat to Tuba Island so I take this time to knew each participants. I became shocked when average participants was old than me, all of them was 19 and above, I was 18 years old so I was the younger participant. The boat arrived to jetty about 10.30 am we into the boat. In the boat, we sited in institution groups. During the journeys the viewed from boat to sea was so nice and amazing. About 2 hours, the boat reached to the destination, Tuba Island. We are welcomed by trainers of wilderness camp. All participants gathered in the open hall on some place near the jetty. That place was base camp. The head of this camp gave some speech and briefing about this camp. After that, we are divided into group; the group must not in same institution. So with a heavy heart, I separated with my friend. I joined the group called Pollux group, Pollux is the type of buruj .The first group activities were ice breaking the entire member. In that group were managed by 2 trainers, Abang Janggut and Kak Mila, and a lecture from Intistut Perguruan Ampuan Afzan, Encik Azmie. There have 18 people of group member, 8 male and 10 female.

set up the lantern

divide ration for 5 days.

eating time..yum..yum

set up our bungalow

Finish the ice breaking. The camp began, firsts camp sites could we goes was Teluk Datai. This camp was neared the sea sides, that on beach sites. One group for one camp sites only. We went to those camp sites by small boats. It was first time, I on small boat with life jacket, it so frightened. In the group, we cooperated to carried supplied thing for camp to the boat. After 5 minute, we reached to camp sites. We together give the hand to set up the tent; kitchen and washroom on the camp sites; all process was finished only in 30 minutes that showed our chemistry high. Abang Janggut divided the group into 3 small group; leader group, cleaner group and cooking group. These groups will exchanges day by day during camp. On the first day, my group became the leader group, the leader group should explain to other group member about activities will held tomorrow. On the first night camp, the conversation night activities held, this activities will held every night during camp and the members should talked in English. This night com activities about imagined members before attended this camp and hopes for this camp, each member should explained to all member and trainer. I as group of leader, volunteers to became the master ceremony for these com activities, I explained what Imagined before camp, this camp likes military camp handle by soldier and I hopes this camp I will get many friends.

night com activity..

6 August 2007
On 6.30 am, 6 august 2007, the cooking group prepared for breakfast and lunch for that day. I and other brushed teeth, our trainer don’t gave all member shower. That day activities were jungle tracking, we went to jungle and climb the Puncak 256.Before do these activities, some warm up process showed by Abang Janggut to us and we did together that process. Abang Janggut also teaches us how to use compass in jungle and how to read map to the destination. On 10.30 am we moved to the jungle with high spirit. I so excited to did this activities because my hobbies to explored some new thing. During the jungle tracking, kak mila showed us the rare plant in this jungle likes Tongkat Ali, Pokok Toba, Sirih and Pokok racun. Other rare plant was rare insects likes black ants, koka and black spider. The jungles tracking to the top of hill take 2 hours. On the ‘Puncak 256’ we having for lunch and take some picture. It so beautiful view from top to saw all part of this island. We moved down to hill by used other way, it so short way but too dangerous, so we be careful. After rested at the camp sites, we did water confident activity. These activities to make sure all member of group confident on water before do some water activities. On night, as usual the night com activities, that night we talk about our planning if have one island. If I have one island, I will build a big beautiful house for my parent and all my family, so other people can’t disturb us.

warm up before hiking..

compass marching...

map of pulau tuba

take 5..

my lovely activity : hiking..

at the peak of '256'

7 August 2007
I and member of cooking group woke up early morning about 5.30 am because want to prepared break fast and lunch for today, menu for lunch take a time to prepare it, and so we woke up early. That day was the third day of camp. Activity for third day was kayaking. That activity was I waited because I likes to travels on the sea. We also changed camp sites to the second camp at Kemunting island, so we needed to brought our supply thing for camp into the kayak and pedaled that kayak to the Kumunting Island. We learn how to kayak properly on sea and to control the kayak went pulled by wave by Abang Janggut. Before that, we did water confident again, want the member of group more confident. We also kayak in pair, male and female. The journey on sea began went Abang Janggut as the leader in head position to moved. Before goes to Kemunting Island, we went to base camp to do the jetty jump. These activities make sure the participants more braved to jump into the sea. I actually not braved at all but I tried my best, make some experienced. After finished that activity, we continued our journeyed to the Kemunting Island. There was so difficulty to kayak on the middle of sea because the wave so powerful. My kayak suddenly overcome, I and my pair became panicked; luckily Kak Mila came and saved us . In the middle of journey, we stop for the rest and have lunch. About 30 minutes we continue the journey. About 1 and half our pedaled we reached the Kemunting island, at there we set up the tent and rest until night because we felt drowsy and weary. At night to release of tired, in com activity we sing a song. All member should sing one or more song in English, it so difficultly I to sing the English song, I so shivered. That night it so entertainment with fun and we enjoyed.

all participate totally confident with water

all the crew and the captain

introduce about the kayak by trainer

journey began...

raft the kayaks

jetty jumping time...!

fun game..

8 August 2007
The morning in the fifth day was very beautiful, that day activity was go to the training ship, that ship called RELIEF CORES, the owner of this ship Tan Sri Halim ministry of ship industry. That ship located on the middle of sea so we went to the ship by fisherman’s boat. On the other sides, we also should change the last camp sites, so we needed to carrier our supplied thing on that boat. I so elated because this first time I will into the big ship on the middle of the sea. After 30 minutes fisherman’s boat moved, the big ship was we looked, it so big and beautiful ship was I looked. We welcomed by captain Sulaiman the head for this ship; he brought us to the one camber deep into sea, about 30 meters into the sea. These cambers like the meeting room completed with computer, projector, and slide, air-condition and branches. Captain Sulaiman explains about the ship industry in Malaysia and jobs about this industry. After that, the captain showed us the room of control panel to ship. He explains about how to handle that ship, he gave chance to everyone to controlled the ship. I take this opportunity to control that ship as I was on top of the world. Finished the captain part, now the activity of ropes on that ship. That activity it so adventure, the all participants should walk on the ropes and rang the bell, that ropes was bind between masts on ship. The wind so faster became this activity more adventure. We take the fisherman’s boat to back the base camp and prepared to the last camp sites. We were having lunch on boat, it so delighted lunch with the smooth winds and blue sea water. On the base camp, I felt sea sick, my head was shakes and my body was danced, Kak Mila give me some oil to painkiller my sea sick. To the last camp sites, we take Lorries from the base camp. The last camp located the rubber estate near the village and besides the river. At there we set up just the tent. On last night of the camp, we conversation each other about average activities and gave the some word to symbol for all activities. After that we prepared for presentation tomorrow infract of all group. Our group will present the choral speaking about wilderness camp.

in bot nelayan..

in the coral relief

briefing about the ship

star boat side...!

take turn please...

rope activity began..

extremely wind..

9 August 2007
We woke up very early about 5.00 am because these was last day, we should prepared back to base camp with clean Tupperware, bag pack, tab and all cooking apparatus. We also should clean the camp sites free from rubbish. The Lorries take us went to base camp about 6.30 am, at there all thing like wallet, hand phone, and baggage gave back to us. And we can properly clean our body in the bathroom; the wilderness t-shirt has gave freely to us and wearied it in closely ceremony. When all group are ready to present, the closely ceremony began with presentation from all group, my group was no four presenter and I become so frightened likes stood rooted ground, but while the presentation I and my friend enjoyed. This ceremony was closer with presentation by all trainers. The end of the camp all my group exchange the telephone number, address and e-mail address, everyone take the picture together and our trainer give some advised more to struggled if want successful. I became so sad, no word could express my agony, because this separately. Before back to intuition group, the certified for this camp was give to all the participants by ministry of education cooperate with Halim Mazlin. So, from this camp I became more self confident to life in this world.

choral speaking session

all friend become friends to all

a kind of memories

Reflection :
This camp give me super duper experiences that used till now in outdoor activities. Its so sweet when remember that moment with friends from other institution. This camp so complete with outdoor activities so not to bored to be a participate. The trainers (Kak mila and Abg Janggut) so sporting and very experiences about the outdoor activities and have the qualification to manage the camp.

If I have the second chance to join this Camp, I will join with joy and fun. This review is about two years ago, is so nice to remember it. Sorry my English so bad and broken…ok.

all have graduated from wilderness adventure camp...congratulation

Never Stop Exploring….